Adult Day Services

Adult Day Programs

The Adult Day Programs operate Monday through Friday from 9:30 am until 2:30 pm. Our consumers are constantly active and participate in many educational activities. Our consumers learn the importance of a healthier lifestyle such as dieting choices and physical fitness. The Open Door’s Adult Day Program is a place where adults can be adults and build on their training skills while learning what it takes to become more independent individuals.

Our Adult Day Program focuses on improving the skills of the individual in all aspects.

Our consumers have the opportunity to participate in outings such as museums, libraries, aquariums, parks, bowling, and science centers.

Computer Technology
They will learn basic application of programs, such as Graphic Designs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, calendars, flyers, greeting cards, Adobe Photoshop, and browsing the web.

Culinary Program
We will prepare our consumers for basic kitchen skills and meal preparation.

Health and Fitness
Creating a healthy lifestyle through exercise, yoga, treadmill, and various other physical activities.

Community Awareness
The Consumers will learn basic life skills, developing independence safety and emergency procedures.

Volunteering Services in the Community
Habitat for Humanity, clothing drives, volunteering at local churches.

Behavioral Management
Focusing on normal routine, positive reinforcements, redirection toward positive situations.

Our agency is qualified by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (D.D.D.) in the Real Life Choices Program and by the state of New Jersey.